The unique combination of high stiffness, strength and extensibility make spider major ampullate silk desirable for biomimetic applications. The unique properties of spider gluey silks, likewise, render them desirable materials for biomimetics.

The Spider Silk Research Lab was founded by Dr Sean J Blamires and is based at UNSW. It collaborates with researchers across the Scientific and Design disciplines at UNSW and elsewhere to produce original, independent research on many aspects of spider silk (and insect) production and use, including its ecology, physiology, mechanics, and structural chemistry across contexts to ultimately develop technologies based on original biological research. The lab has received visitors from Australia, Germany, Taiwan, and Japan. It has also trained PhD, Hons and Grad Dip students, produced multiple research papers, media articles, and was involved in the production of the Natural History documentary SIXTEEN LEGS.

All photographs © Sean Blamires

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