“16 Legs” documentary at International Congress of Speleology

On July 25 2017 the documentary movie “16 Legs” about Tasmania, Tasmanian caves, and cave spiders (Hickmania troglodytes) and glow worms featured at the International Congress of Speleology at Penrith Leagues Club, Penrith. The documentary features footage from a 2015 field expedition to Tasmania by Dakota Piorkowski and Hamish Craig to collect spiders and spider…


ABC Radio interview

Sean Blamires was interviewed by Ali Clarke on ABC Morning Radio on February, discussing the wonders of spider silks, their commercial applications and which spiders that spin the best silks.

ABC Science interview

“Custom web design keeps spiders in business”, ABC Science, March 18, 2015. Read the ABC Science article here. ‘When a fly or cricket hits a spider web, the web has to intercept the prey and hold it there until the spider comes and feeds,” says Dr Sean Blamires, an evolutionary biologist at the University of…