Recombinant MaSp2

Recombinant MaSp2 Ismat Kabarra recently completed his Honours project with Chris Marquis at the UNSW School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences and myself. The aim of his project was to build a line of recombinant MaSp2 proteins for potential spinning into fibres and other uses. He successfully generated 4 tubes of proteins, one of which…


Plus Alliance seed funding

We are excited to announce that the SSRL, with Chris Marquis (UNSW Recombinants Facility), Aditya Rawal (UNSW NMR Centre), Jeffrey Yarger (Arizona State University) and Rivka Isaacson (King’s College London), have received a Plus Alliance grant to further our collaborative work on developing recombinant spider silk. Friday to discuss the project. Please listen in?Here is…


Hickmania troglodytes on cover of Journal of Zoology


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Our paper “Ontogenetic shift towards stronger, tougher silk in a web building cave spider” has been published in the February 2018 issue of Journal of Zoology as the cover page article.