Hermon Slade Foundation Grant

Sean Blamires and Aditya Rawal have received a Hermon Slade Foundation grant to do further research into spider silk genetics, artificial spinning and NMR analyses.



Glow worm cave expedition

On Septmber 3 2018, Sean Blamires, Jonas Wolff and Deb Kane (Macquarie University) visited the Blue Mountians glow worm cave to sample the glow worm glues and photograph spiders. A sample of the photos are shown…


DST visit to SSRL cancelled

On Monday April 6 Scientists from the Department of Defence Science and Technology (https://www.dst.defence.gov.au/) was scheduled to visit our UNSW Facilities and personnel to initiate discussions on new spider silk initiatives with a focus on Defence. A full day of talks (by Sean Blamires, Patrick Spicer, Patricia Flanagan, Sean Li and others) and visits to…