Cognitive textiles

Our collaborator Patricia Flanagan has created a YouTube post to promote the ‘Cognitive Textiles’ project, which the SSRL is really enthusiastic about being involved with.


Biomimetics research re-examined

Biomimetics (the transfer of functional principals from living systems into designs) is a rapidly growing field of research. Nevertheless, gauging how useful it has been as a tool for developing new products and technologies is difficult, as the field is currently ill defined and real, tangible outputs have so far been few. Moreover, it is…


Australian Geographic interview Sean Blamires & Marie Herberstein

“Spiders customise webs based on diet”, Australian Geographic, March 19, 2015. Read the Australian Geographic article here. ‘The findings indicate that spiders adjust the type of webs they spin to adapt to what food source is around. If there are more flies, for example, spiders don’t seem to waste the extra energy needed to build…